Resources: Health Access

Aunt Bertha connects users to free and reduced cost local resources such as medical care, food, housing, transportation, and more. Website also offered in Spanish.
Visit website. has compiled a list of numerous resources ranging from food stamps and unemployment benefits to healthcare benefits.

The “Healthcare and Medical Assistance” category of the website includes a description of the program, program requirements, the application process, and contact information. Below are links to three different state benefits:

New Jersey FamilyCare (NJFC)
New Jersey Medicaid Program
New Jersey Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
NJ’s Division of Medical Assistance & Health Services has information regarding the Emergency Payment Program for Aliens. This program is open to immigrants who have experienced a medical emergency and who meet the requirements for Medicaid eligibility except their immigration status.
Call 800-356-1561 or visit website.

DispatchHealth can take care of your urgent health needs at home.
Call 201-882-7526 or visit website.

Free Clinic Directory offers a free clinic treatment locator by zip code.
Visit website.

New Destiny FSC staff has gathered information and compiled a list of NJ pharmacies that are offering home delivery and are organized according to county. We have also provided a complete list of Passaic County pharmacies and general information for each one.
Visit website.