New Destiny is currently providing the following programs

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Family Success Centers (FSC)

Family Success Centers are “one-stop” shops that provide wrap-around resources and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis. Family Success Centers offer primary child abuse prevention services to families and bring together concerned community residents, leaders, and community agencies to address the problems that threaten the safety and stability of families and the community. There is no cost to access services provided by Family Success Centers (FSCs).

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The Passaic County Council for Young Children (PCCYC)

The PCCYC mission is to strengthen collaboration between parents, families, and local community stakeholders with health, early care and education, family support, and other service providers.

Receive leadership/advocacy and organizing training! Identify and address issues and priorities! Meet others in your community who share your concerns in: School and Education, Health and Nutrition, Mental Health Awareness, Special Needs and Development Disabilities, Safety Concerns. Learn about the different resources in Passaic County and surrounding cities!!

All Families are welcome!

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Go F.A.R.- Fathers Advancing and Reconnecting

New Destiny has established the Fathers Advance Initiative which has been branded as Go F.A.R.-Fathers. Advancing. Reconnecting, the acronym chosen by the dads leading and participating in the initiative. Our vision is a community where fathers are welcomed, celebrated and restored as contributors, protectors, and leaders in their families. Join Go F.A.R. for weekly support groups for fathers where we discuss issues such as sustaining a healthy marriage/relationship with their child’s mother, responsible parenting, and economic stability. As well as weekly support groups, Go F.A.R. also hosts monthly events for fathers/father figures and their children.

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Health Awareness & COVID-19 Response Team

New Destiny FSC’s COVID-19 Response Team has 3 Community Health Workers (CHWs) who actively respond to the needs of priority populations in the city of Paterson. We engage & deploy our CHWs to integrate into community settings and community planning to address the social determinants of health needs of priority populations. Our CHWs conduct community outreach and health education around COVID-19 and act as a bridge to COVID-19 testing, vaccine, and core support services. For more information on our COVID-19 resources click the button below or contact Antonella Alcantara via email at aalcantara@newdestinyfsc.org

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(FSCS) Full Service Community Schools

New Destiny Partners with the Paterson Education Fund and St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation to provide a 21st Century Community Learning academic enrichment program at the Senator Frank Lautenberg School.

This program supports the creation of community learning centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. We focus on addressing challenges that may impede student learning during the school day (i.e. chronic absenteeism)

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Passaic County Healthy Start

New Destiny is a sub-grantee for the New Jersey Department of Health’s Healthy Women, Healthy Families initiative in Passaic County in collaboration with the Partnership for Maternal Child Health. The mission is to improve maternal and infant health outcomes for women of childbearing ages 15-44.

The Community Health Worker works closely with women and their families to provide appropriate care and personalized support. The goal is to reduce racial, ethnic and economic disparities by offering vital information about reproductive health and referral services.

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Mobile Senior Success Center Initiative

New Destiny Family Success Center was awarded a grant from The Housing Authority of the City of Paterson to establish a Mobile Senior Success Center. The project incorporates values and philosophies of the Family Success Center Practice Profile which are collaborative, community-based, culturally responsive, family-focused, flexible, strength-based, voluntary, welcoming, and holistic in its service delivery process. Recognizing that seniors are very diverse in their needs, much more active and youth-focused, the New Destiny team implemented a flexible strategy in response to the PHA senior resident community. 

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