Partnership with Paterson Public Schools at the Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Community School

New Destiny Family Success Center (NDFSC) partners with Paterson Public Schools at the Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Community School to create a school where: students have access to free, meaningful extended learning time opportunities; school leaders are assigned a NDFSC Community School Director as a partner in the student-centered approach to addressing challenges which impede student learning during the traditional school day (i.e. chronic absenteeism); and where all of the high-quality, multi-generational programs and services offered by NDFSC are accessible to students and parents attending Senator Frank R. Lautenberg School.

137 Carroll St
Paterson, NJ 07501



Children need enriching youth development opportunities if they are to grow into well-rounded, successful adults. Too often, the traditional school day has been dominated by math and reading, while enrichment and youth development have been pushed to the side.

At the Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Community School, community partners design all types of innovative, fun, and educational activities for students – from photography clubs to mentoring and internships. Young people have such varied interests and inspiring creative skills. The Senator Frank Lautenberg Community school provide an opportunity, an outlet, for these young people to explore their interests and grow into highly-skilled, creative, and well-rounded adults.


Increasing educational opportunities for children and youth requires us to rethink the traditional school day. ELO strategies are a core component of the Senator Frank Lautenberg Community School that uses the school as a vehicle for increasing learning opportunities for students. In essence, the school is the embodiment of what expanding learning time and opportunities should look like.

A school that is open late, on weekends, and in the summer, serving students and their family’s needs, and that operates with the support of community partners that can tailor their activities to the school’s academic and non-academic goals.


Parent and family engagement is critical to the success of children and youth. The Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Community School consistently and sustainably increase parent participation in the education of their children and in their schools by empowering families providing them with a variety of supports.

These include programs such as parent leadership and parenting education, GED and English Language Learners classes, food and clothing pantries, opportunities to participate in school decisionmaking, and even programs that place parents as community school staff. Community schools are the hub and cultural center of many neighborhoods. We offer families activities such as cultural nights, performances, art exhibits, and more. All of this helps increase family engagement.


What separates community schools from wrap-around services is the essential role of community engagement. Community schools are built on the community’s strengths and focus on improving the well-being of the entire community. To make this happen, the Senator Frank Lautenberg Community School leaders seek and act on community input; they work in partnership with grass roots community organizations. In thriving and sustainable community school initiatives, community stakeholders help develop the vision of a community school, and oversee its implementation. Shared ownership with the community paves the way for joint accountability and success, and serves as an organic vehicle for advocacy on behalf of the community school.