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AVG Driver Updater Review

AVG driver updater keeps your computer’s drivers updated to boost performance. It updates outdated drivers to the latest version which can correct video card glitches, stabilize Wi-Fi, improve audio and image quality, and boost frame rates when gaming. It also helps close security gaps that hackers may exploit to attack your computer.

AVG has an impressive database of drivers, which includes more than 35 million drivers from more than 1,300 hardware brands. It also scans for malware prior to downloading, which reduces the chance of introducing viruses into your computer. It also allows you to restore drivers to their original versions in the event of a need. This is an excellent feature for users concerned about losing their data.

The interface for users is easy to use and simple It has clearly labeled buttons for every function. It’s an excellent solution for those who don’t wish to manually install drivers which can be tedious and hard to navigate. The program also allows you to schedule regular scans so that you don’t have to perform them manually.

Avg Driver Updater is light and uses a minimal amount of system resources. It runs in the background, without affecting the performance of your PC and its compact footprint allows it to use only a fraction of the CPU’s processing power. It’s also available in several languages, which is a bonus for users with different requirements for computing.

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