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Breaking News Software

Software that delivers breaking news keeps journalists and their audience up to date. It offers a variety of options that include headliner apps, aggregators and real-time notifications tools. These apps can bridge the gap between what is happening and their discovery making it possible for journalists to focus on confirming or revealing the stories that are relevant to their audience.

NBCUniversal News App

A free and easy to use application for NBCUniversal news and breaking news. This application brings all the latest updates and headlines about world affairs, sports, technology and more from a well-known US broadcaster. This app also provides the latest in business news, finance and entertainment.

Dailyhunt News App

The Dailyhunt News App, a popular Indian and worldwide app for headlines and breaking news, is an aggregator that gives users local and international news stories arranged in a systematic manner. It is a reliable source for the most recent news and current events.

Reuters News App

The Reuters News App gives all the latest news headlines in the United States and around the globe from a highly respected global media organization known for its neutral journalism and fact checking. The app is accessible on Apple and Android devices. This see post app is essential for anyone who wishes to stay up-to-date with the most significant news of the day. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require registration. Its push notifications are a great way to get updates on the latest happenings around globe. Users can alter their news source within “Settings”.

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