The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

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October 25, 2023
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November 1, 2023
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The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

With remote work becoming more common companies have plenty of ground to cover when it comes to collaboration and teamwork. But despite the best video calls and other communication tools, they can’t match the level of connection that occurs during in-person meetings.

That’s where immersive virtual spaces can be useful. These virtual environments aren’t just meeting tools, they offer teams the chance to collaborate and communicate in a fully interactive 3D setting. This is particularly useful for sprint retrospectives and other meetings that require close collaboration.

Different kinds of virtual environments affect productivity, creativity and teamwork in different ways, just like real-world spaces do. It is essential to choose the most effective virtual environments.

Here are some of the most effective virtual workspaces to collaborate.

A virtual workspace that offers an individual office experience that includes an actual space for meetings and workspaces for individual users is a great option for remote or hybrid teams. It offers a range of settings, from outdoor to formal spaces that are perfect for meetings and presentations. For instance, Glue’s Clarity Island is a relaxing beach-top setting perfect for creative workshops and team-building, while Mont Matiz is a calm hilltop setting that is ideal for discussions and meetings.

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