The Importance of Board Meeting Rules

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August 28, 2023
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The Importance of Board Meeting Rules

To ensure the success of a board meeting, it is crucial to establish clear guidelines for discussion. Establish clear guidelines for the discussion right from the beginning of the meeting, to keep everyone focused. It is important to make it clear, for example, that only the chairperson may speak and that anyone who wants to speak should ask for permission from the table. Additionally, ensure that there is enough space for everyone to sit comfortably.

A system to record all decisions and instructions in the official minutes of meetings is an crucial element of board meeting rules. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular online tools for managing meetings. The software is widely available and is user-friendly and compatible with most devices. It provides a variety of features such as recording meetings and tracking actions items.

In addition to recording the decisions, board meetings are often used to setting up strategies for the company at a larger scale. To ensure that these strategic goals are met it is crucial to have the best board members present. A diverse board of directors who are all able and willing to work together is essential for the board to achieve its goals.

To avoid lengthy discussion and stalemates, it is an ideal idea to have a system to bring items to the table to be voted on. Robert’s Rules of Order is a model that is widely known for facilitating effective meetings. The process begins when a member makes a motion with the words, “I move that we …”, then follow with a second by another member. The chair then reaffirms the motion and allows for discussion prior to calling for a vote.

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